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Missing this lovely group of Matildas


pics from this afternoon.  sorry again about the watermarks, especially since most of these pics are so bad no one would ever steal them, but nevertheless.

i wouldn’t have included the really shitty spelling bee one but i really wanted to sneak a pic of heather as hortensia. 

when a friend does something cool



Anonymous asked: "Who are then the secret group of matilda greats? Mine would be Sophia K, Eleanor, Izzy, Chloe, Cristina, and Lottie for the West End and Ooona and Ava for Broadway :)"


Ok so in my head I have this system were there are a group of Matilda’s who will always be remembered and stuff like, making them The Matilda Greats. This is the first time I have mentioned this, but I think it genuinely exists but people aren’t really conscious of it. 

So I will give you the list and reason why they are in the group. The reason I will use are generic reason, they include no personal feelings toward the Matilda, they are just observations made through Instagram and Tumblr ect. So here they are:

  • Kerry Ingram - She’s in because she was an original in both the Stafford and West End shows and has landed happily in everyones hearts.
  • Sophia Kiely - Everyone loves this girl, even if you didn’t see her as he has the best facial expressions ever. It’s also this thing of no one really know how she is now and there is this need to know whether she is ok and what she looks like now.
  • Eleanor Worthington Cox - I feel she was put in this group mainly because of the RSC and Matilda the Musical itself as you can find a production photo of her doing every Matilda style photo they do, because she is stunning! Literally so pretty!
  • Hayley Canham - She is the Matilda in the advert, if you watch a Matilda advert it’s Hayley. For broadway the first Matilda adverts were Hayley. If you are coming at Matilda for the first time through the ad Hayley is the Matilda you see and therefore base your Matilda’s on.
  • Lara Wollington - Completing the longest run as a Matilda, Lara has set the standards high. She is very much a peg you need to pass to get into the group.
  • Georgia Pemberton - Same really as Sophia Kiely as she is one that everyone loves, the cutest little girl ever! She was amazingly talented and I am grateful I manage to see her twice.
  • Oona Laurence - The Matilda Broadway used a lot for TV Spots, doing the biggest gig of the year at the Tony’s. She is one that has been highly created for her acting in the character of Matilda.
  • Sophia Gennusa - Simple, she is like this little sister you need to have! Adorable and hilarious in a way that she doesn’t always understand how funny she is but will laugh along anyway. I would of really like to see her as Matilda.
  • Lollie Mckenzie - She as made it into the books, I think she is defiantly the Matilda who has improved the most overall. Again another example of Matilda the Musical loving her as she has a production photo in nearly every pose to! She is adorable, such a good Matilda! We even made eye contact during the show. 

So that is my list of The Matilda Greats, that I personally believe is a standard list for everyone. It doesn’t include all my favourite, like Tasha, because I don’t think they made it yet.

Tell me your thoughts, do you agree or not? 


Violet Tucker, our new west end matilda!


Okay, let’s face it…  all the West End/Broadway Matildas are brilliant and extremely talented…

and then…you have Sophia Kiely. This kid is just in a league of her own. Her facial expressions, her timing, her stage presence, her singing (I mean, she even vibratos toward the end) are just unreal. It’s often said that the originals are the best, and I’d say that she’s the best of the originals!

In my opinion, Sophia is the definitive Matilda, and she’s also my favorite!

Congratulations to Annabel Otterburn who will be joining the West End cast in September. 

Congratulations to Annabel Otterburn who will be joining the West End cast in September. 


another two pics of Matilda Shapland it’s like she knew she was going to play Matilda!



Tillie Murray’s quiet is my new favourite thing :0

I want her to be matilda sooo bad!

I think she’s already an inch too tall, even though she’s only 8! It’s a shame she would’ve been awesome!

According to her agent she is 4’2’, so she is just within the height guidelines. So I hope she can audition soon before she grows, but she would be an amazing Lavender in my opinion.